rom-properties 2.2.1

Announcing rom-properties 2.2.1. (This post will substitute for a 2.2 announcement, which I was planning on making, but never got around to doing.)

rom-properties 2.2 added these new features:

PlayStation 1 and 2 Disc Images

KDE Dolphin 23.04.3 showing PS1 and PS2 games. (rom-properties 2.2)
KDE Dolphin showing PS1 and PS2 games. (rom-properties 2.2)

PlayStation 1 and 2 disc images now show boxart. The boxart is fetched from the ROM Properties Database Server. For PS1 and PS2, the RPDB server is mirroring boxart images from xlenore on github: PS1, PS2

rom-properties 2.2.1 fixes a bug that caused a portion of the cover art from xlenore’s PS1/PS2 cover art repositories to not show up properly. These cover art files use an Exif header instead of a JPEG header, and rom-properties did not recognize these files.

Extended Attribute Viewer

KDE Dolphin showing the xattrs tab from rom-properties.
KDE Dolphin showing the xattrs tab from rom-properties.

A new “xattrs” tab is now provided. On Windows, this shows the four usual MS-DOS attributes (Read-only, Hidden, Archive, and System), plus NTFS compression and encryption. On NTFS filesystems, it also shows alternate data streams, which are used for things like zone identifiers for downloaded files.

On Linux, this shows EXT2-style attributes (if available) and POSIX extended attributes. If viewing a VFAT file system, it also shows MS-DOS attributes.

A future version of rom-properties may provide an interface for adjusting the MS-DOS attributes, alternate data streams, and extended attributes.

Godot STEX v4 updates

rom-properties v1.9 added support for Godot STEX v3 and preliminary support for v4. After the release of v1.9, parts of the v4 format changed, including the removal of PVRTC support and the use of a new file extension (.ctex). v2.2 updates the STEX v4 format handler for these changes.

v2.2.1: Experimental support for Windows on ARM

The v2.2.1 release includes experimental support for Windows on ARM for all 5 people who use it. The Windows ZIP package includes DLLs for 32-bit ARM, ARM64, and ARM64EC, and the installer has been updated to check for these architectures. I do not have a Windows on ARM system to test this, so the installer might not work properly, in which case, manual regsvr32 will be needed. Additionally, I don’t have Windows on ARM builds of GNU gettext at the moment, so the ARM builds will not be localized.

Support for Windows on ARM was somewhat inspired by this post: How to recognize if an app is ARM64 on Windows

…and an Easter Egg

As we all know, only dirty pirates use ISO images for video games. Whatever you do, don’t open the ROM Properties tab for an ISO image for a game console whose name has been co-opted by the website formerly known as Twitter and then right-click the game’s icon. 🤫

Translators Wanted

Do you know English and one or more other languages? I set up a new Crowdin project to make it easier for translators to contribute. Check it out at . Currently, the three languages with the most translations are Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and German. (If the language you want to contribute to isn’t listed, please file an issue on the GitHub issue tracker.) All contributions are licensed under GPL-2+, the same license used by the main project.

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