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  • Dumping Wii U Kiosk Systems without Hardmods

    Dumping Wii U Kiosk Systems without Hardmods

    (This is an updated version of a thread I originally posted on GBAtemp in March 2021.) The current method for dumping a Wii U kiosk system (CAT-I, CAT-SES) requires using a hardmod to dump the eMMC, then using Recovery Mode to install SDK 2.13.01 and dumping the keys. It turns out that, if the kiosk…

  • rvthtool: An Introduction

    rvthtool: An Introduction

    In January 2018, while browsing eBay, I saw two listings for Nintendo devkits: an RVT-R Reader, and an RVT-H Reader. On a whim, I decided to buy them. Searching around for information on how to use the RVT-H Reader, I found some posts on ASSEMbler Games that indicated the RVT-H Reader used a proprietary encryption…